What is the MGC NFT?

8888 MGC NFTs will populate the metaverse and you can be part of it!


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The MGC Story

The time of the mice has come. After many centuries in the underground, they have decided to get together and form a gang. The strongest, weakest, craziest and bravest mice. Together they are strong to step out of the shadows and face their destiny. And a gang needs a club. The Mouse Gang Club (MGC)!

Enter the MGC

Learn more about how to become a member in the Mouse Gang Club with your own MGC NFT (non fungible token), the value, our common roadmap and the MGC team

MGC NFT membership

How to become a MGC member with NFT?

8888 exclusive club members get access to the MGC. To enter the club you just need to buy one or more of 8888 MGC NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your MGC NFT doubles as your MGC membership card and grants access to members-only benefits, like exclusive NFT content, giveaways, merchandising and so many more.

On top you have the full commercial usage rights on your MGC NFTs e.g. for derivatives as long as you own it!

You what to be part of the Gang? Go to our Mint page and get your own MGC NFT now!


MGC NFT unique Characters

There are 8888 programmatically generated 1/1 MGC NFT from a random combination of more than 66 different hand painted Items and rarities to guarantee uniqueness and value.

MGC NFT unique 1/1 characters

Strong MGC NFT Community

MGC includes our community in the important decisions from the beginning. You’ll play an essential role in the future of the project to gain value.

MGC NFT usage rights (value)

Owners of each MGC NFT gain commercial usage rights to their NFTs.

MGC NFT fair price policy

MGC NFTs will be sold at a flat price, of 0.02 ETH / token.

MGC NFT Roadmap

We go the way on our MGC NFT roadmap with you, the community!

The Mouse Gang Club has a lot planned with the MGC NFTs. Check out our commun MGC NFT roadmap and see our destiny and the value. Together we’ll populate the metaverse with the coolest, toughest and braves Mouses. Join the gang!

10% sold

We pay our supporters for this extraordinary mission.

25% sold

There will be certain MGC NFT givaways exclusive for members.

40% sold

A special MGC holders event will take place.

50% sold

Reinvesting 20% of royalities into the community and rise the floor.

65% sold

We will spend 5% to a charitable institution by community vote.

80% sold

MGC member merchandise by community vote.

100% sold out!

Special airdrop for the MGC holders. There will be more to come on our MGC NFT roadmap to expand the Mouse Gang Club

The MGC Team

We love mice, blogchain philosophy, NFTs and cool design. the MGC team believes in a strong community. Together we can achieve anything. We work hard to make this happen.

Our mission: “just be the game changer!”.

We are:

BigM Mouse One – the MGC Manager
CrazyZ Mouse – the MGC designer
Code “dude” Mouse – the MGC developer

powered by @cinetube8

(Note. we will publish the MGC profile pictures just before launch day to avoid copycats).

Mouse Gang Club NFT is officialy listet on NFTCalendar