MGCX NFT Roadmap

We go the way on our MGCX NFT roadmap with you, the community!

The Mouse Gang Club X has a lot planned with the MGCX NFTs. Check out our commun MGCX NFT roadmap and see our destiny and the value. Together we’ll populate the metaverse with the coolest, toughest and braves Mouses. We will do our community work only on X. This is the place to be! Join the gang!

10% sold

We pay our supporters for this extraordinary mission.

25% sold

There will be certain MGCX NFT givaways exclusive for members.

40% sold

A special MGCX holders event will take place.

50% sold

Reinvesting 20% of royalities into the community and rise the floor.

65% sold

We will spend 5% to a charitable institution by community vote.

80% sold

MGCX member merchandise by community vote.

100% sold out!

Special airdrop for the MGCX holders. There will be more to come on our MGCX NFT roadmap to expand the Mouse Gang Club X