Welcome! You can mint your own MGC NFT now. You can only mint one NFT per transaction, but you can mint as many as you like.

Please read before you start -> How to mint an MGC NFT step by step:

  1. click the „MINT“ button
  2. our official minting page opens in a new tab (
  3. connect your Metamask Wallet (click on the top right white button “Connect Wallet” and follow Metamask’s instructions to connect to the site. If this has worked the white button now shows your wallet address)
  4. make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet (0.02 ETH + gas)
  5. Ok, now you can start the minting. Click once on the blue “Mint your own MGC NFT” button. After 5-10 seconds your Metamask wallet should open.
  6. in your wallet you will see the price (0.02 ETH), the current gas price and the total amount (price + gas). Tip: Choose a good time when the gas is not too high. Currently it should be around 50$ to 200 $.
  7. Confirm the purchase in your wallet.
  8. depending on the traffic, it may take 5 to 15 minutes for the MGC NFT to be in your wallet.
  9. ready, you can then see your freshly minted MCG NFT here at this address in the official Mouse Gang Club Collection at Opensea.
  10. Follow steps 5-7 if you want to mint another MGC NFT.